Grades 5-8

The Lab is a challenging program just for our 6-9 graders, which allows our tweens to take their musical theater training to the next level!

Students will rehearse for a classic Broadway show that gives everyone a chance to shine and hone their skills. The Lab is appropriate for tweens with all levels of experience. The goal is for performers to obtain musical theater training while rehearsing for a show. The “process” – especially teamwork and self-esteem – is stressed as much as the “product” – an hour long performance for family and friends.


A different show is produced each winter (Jan-Mar) and spring (April-June).  Cast size is limited to 24.  Four casts rehearse at a time until the final run-thru, dress rehearsals, and show.  Registration begins approximately 2-3 months before the program starts.  Tuition prices are listed on each show’s page (click the show titles listed above). Make sure you join our email list so you get our monthly newsletter with registration start times, as this program often begins to sell out the night it opens.  Please check our summer page for July/August programming.

View our Lab program calendar here.


If you have questions about registration, please contact Click one of the shows above for a full schedule and to sign up.


For sessions 2-9: Each child is permitted one absence and 2 shadows. Session 1 (role placement) does not count towards our attendance policy since no material is being taught. Additional absences or shadows due to illness will be permitted solely at the discretion of the director.

For session 10 and 11: Children are required to attend and participate in (and may not shadow, arrive late to, or leave early from) our two mandatory rehearsals. These rehearsals include the dress rehearsal (session 10), and the final dress/performance (session 11), all of which are marked as mandatory on the rehearsal schedule. Please make sure to double-check your child’s schedule to ensure their availability for these mandatory rehearsals.


Please be sure to read our Standard Agreement prior to registering.


There are no refunds or credits.